Thai ‘astronaut’ claims road with craters

In 1969, NASA made history by doing what absolutely no one thought they could: they put a man on a moon. While that feat was definitely one giant leap for mankind, what this Thai “astronaut” did was way more difficult than going to outer space.

Ms. Aomam managed to bypass bureaucratic red-tape in getting the administration to repair her neighbourhood’s pothole-riddled road.

Here’s the story of how one woman’s “space-expedition” resulted in something way greater than she could imagine.

Clever content creators creating change:

Potholes in the road make the street resemble a moon

Earlier this week, an “astronaut”, Ms. Aomam Chaluayjit Wansueb, trudged across the extraterrestrial pathways of Thailand’s Northeastern province Khon Kaen.

Dressed in full-on tactical gear – a white raincoat, a motorcycle helmet and trainers – the spacewoman highlighted the region’s highly craterous terrain.

Ms. Wansueb’s documented her findings in a video shared onto her Facebook page on 12th September 2021.

The astronaut explains that the “planet” that is approximately 3KM in size called “Huai Jot-Nong No Road”, and that she’s waiting for an official response from the authorities.

Judging by the details Ms. Wuansueb used to explain her exact location and her address to the authorities, one could deduce that she’s not talking about a foreign planet; but is actually trying to draw attention to the conditions of a road in the Khon Kaen province.

thai-astronautScreenshot: Aomam Chaluayjit Wansueb

She even added the hashtags that translate to, “Please share for the sake of our roads” and “waiting for the relevant authorities”. We’re definitely intrigued as to what this astronaut is going to do next.

Advancements in the Huai Jot-Nong No Road expedition

Ms. Wuansueb released a series of videos where she shows the “planet’s” different lifeforms on 13th September 2021.

In her caption, she excitedly states that the aliens operate vehicles that are very similar to the ones on earth. She also uses hashtags that translate to, “Few accidents because cars are moving slower than most turtles” and “no collisions, just broken tires”.

thai-astronaut2Screenshot: Aomam Chaluayjit Wansueb

The video clips show the different vehicles that are present in the alien land, as well as how the drivers carefully avoid the multiple potholes. At one point, the cosmonaut plants the flag to show how deep the crater is.

With such a large-scale production, you’d definitely expect an even bigger outcome.

Provincial governor commits to road repair

It seems like Ms. Wuansueb’s call-to-action received out-of-this world results – her first clip has 1.1K shares and has been picked up by news outlets like Sanook, Channel 3 and Channel 8.

The cosmonaut even got the attention of the authorities. Governor of the Khon Kaen province, Mr. Somsak Changtrakul, acknowledged that there are multiple roads in need of repair in the region and that the damage is amplified during the rainy seasons, as reported by Sanook on 16th September 2021.

Governor Changtrakul further stated that the Provincial Administration Administration will dispatch experts and technicians to inspect the damage as well as repair them.

Being a champion of the people

Ms. Wuansueb did a very good thing for her fellow community members. Through her efforts – ideating the concept, getting the costumes together, editing the video, and coming up with clever captions – the astronaut managed to draw attention to the poor road conditions and get the authorities to repair the streets.

Plus, the way she did it was hilarious. We admire her efforts to help improve the quality of life for her neighbours, and hope that the residents can enjoy safer road conditions soon.

Cover image adapted from (L-R): Aomam Chaluayjit Wansueb, Aomam Chaluayjit Wansueb, Aomam Chaluayjit Wansueb

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