Ari cafe-hopping guide

If you’re deep in the cafe-hopping trend and are looking for new brunch spots to hit up in Bangkok for cakes, coffee, and IG shots, we hear you. Ari, which is known to many Bangkokians as the city’s cafe hot spot, is one of the coolest neighbourhoods to visit.

From a death-themed cafe to one with all things avocado, here are 9 cafes in Ari with affordable prices.

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1. Oh! Vacoda Cafe

Oh! Vacoda Cafe
Image credit: @kaowei1026

Oh! Vacoda is an avocado-inspired cafe that sits right at the corner of Ari Samphan Soi 4. You’ll notice this peach-coloured cafe and its yellow scooter from a distance.

Oh! Vacoda Cafe
Image credit: @themomentumco

The interior decor of the place is reminiscent of an American cafe from the 70s, which makes this cafe look cool. Aside from its vintage vibe and retro artwork on the walls, neon lights also come on during the evening, which add a cool atmosphere. 

Oh! Vacoda Cafe
Image credit: @ttt22331

As for their food and drinks, the one drink you can’t miss out on is the Avoothie (฿150, ~USD5). This creamy smoothie mixes fresh chunks of avocado and lime juice and is overly thick. Chocolate lovers can go for the Iced Cacao-Cado (฿110, ~USD3) instead. It is not too sweet, so it doesn’t feel too “heavy” on the palate. 

Besides drinks, they serve up avocado dishes too. For a unique Thai twist, try the signature Kaprao Avocado (฿190, ~USD6). This comes with stir-fried basil pork, an egg, and fried avocado – definitely not something you’ll find at a normal street stall. 

Oh! Vacoda Cafe
Address: 1/1, Ari Samphan Soi 4, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 8 0568 7892
Opening Hours: 11AM-10PM Wednesday – Thursday | 11AM-12PM Friday | 11AM-6PM Saturday (Closed on Sunday to Tuesday)
Oh!VAcoda Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

2. Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

Yes, this is a real cafe, not a funeral ceremony. Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe has been extremely popular since the very first day it opened, thanks to its completely unique theme compared to other cafes in Bangkok.

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

Inside, you’ll find death-related decor, including a fake skeleton that adds a morbidly cool touch to the cafe. There are air-conditioned indoor and outdoor zones for you to sit and have some drinks. 

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe

Their signature drinks are named after the stages of life: Born, Elder, Painful, and Death. We recommend going for Death (฿150, ~USD5), a chocolate frappe topped with whipped cream, and snacks like Oreo and a Pocky stick. If you’re visiting on a hot day, go for Birth (฿120), a refreshing drink that features soda and fruity berry syrup. 

The best part is that you can take part in the following activities to get a ฿5 discount on your order:

  • Like and Share their Facebook page
  • Answer the barista’s question cards
  • Join their “Before Death” activities like writing a message to yourself
  • Sleep in their coffin

Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe
Address: 1191, Ari Soi 1, Phahonyotin Rd., Bangkok
Telephone: +66 6 3324 4519
Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM, Daily
Kid Mai Death Awareness Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

3. Thong Yoy Cafe

Thong Yoy Cafe
Image credit: deerdear

With its vibrant rose-gold exterior, Thong Yoy Cafe stands out to everyone who passes by Ari Samphan Soi 7. This luxurious looking cafe doesn’t only offer Thai-style desserts and drinks in style but also has a collection of ladies fashion for customers to check out. Sounds like the perfect place for a girls’ day out!

Thong Yoy Cafe
Image credit: @thebohobeet

When you enter the cafe, you might feel like you’re entering a garden thanks to the vibrant flowers that adorn the space. Here’s where you can take some awesome Instagram photos!

Thong Yoy Cafe serves up traditional desserts in a royal-looking golden tea sets. The recommended dessert is the Khanom Thai Khun Thong Yoy Set  (฿190, ~USD6) which features 5 Thai desserts and coconut pudding. You can pick the desserts you’d like, from sago puddings to coconut jelly. 

Thong Yoy Cafe
Image credit: @ginnggingg

Stay refreshed with a Soda Set  (฿150, ~USD5), which comes with drinks of your choice. Take your pick from options such as roselle soda and rose tea with lychee soda. This set comes with some cookies and a sweet snack on the side.

Pop by the 2nd store to browse some fashionable pieces that start from ฿390 (~USD12)

Thong Yoy Cafe
Address: 88/2, Ari Samphan Soi 7, Rama 6 Rd., Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 9 8478 4661
Opening Hours: 8.30AM-8PM, Daily
Thong Yoy Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

4. One Dee Cafe

One Dee Cafe
Image credit: @chaphya 

One Dee Cafe hit the streets of Ari in 2017 and is best known for serving up desserts inspired by traditional Thai flavours. It is also really easy to get to and is located only a few minutes away from BTS Ari. 

One Dee Cafe
Image credit: @benzanoic 

After a recent renovation, this 2-storey cafe has become fully air-conditioned with more indoor space. Those looking for a chill pitstop while in the area can come over here to cool down. 

One Dee brings traditional Thai recipes to a new level by adding a modern twist such as ice cream and whipped cream. For example, the stars of the menu you should try are the Steamed Sticky Rice Stuffed with Banana and Black Beans Ice Cream (฿169, ~USD5.18) and Toddy Palm Cakes with Ice Cream (฿159, ~USD4.87). Not something you’ll get so easily around Bangkok!

One Dee Cafe
Address: Phahon Yothin 7 Rd., Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok
Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM, Daily
One Dee Cafe website | Google Maps

5. Porcupine Cafe

Porcupine Cafe
Image credit: @lasshimemory 

I remember going to Porcupine Cafe ever since I was in high school, and it’s still going strong till today. It is known for serving classic cafe fare like coffee and cakes and is a 10-minute walk from BTS Ari. 

Porcupine Cafe
Image credit: @c080841

The interior has a nice earthy tone and gives the cafe a rustic vibe. There are many tables available for customers and the space isn’t cramped. Plus, the playlist is great too!

Porcupine Cafe
Images adapted from: @porcupinecafe

When it comes to coffee, Porcupine offers an interesting White Cube Latte (฿138, ~USD4). The drink includes a shot of coffee, additional milk, and caramel ice cubes which make sure your drink doesn’t get diluted after a while. If you’re not into coffee, you also have a matcha green tea option. 

Other teas we recommend trying include the Iced Berry Tea (฿138,~USD4), which contains ice berry cubes, one jug of berry tea, and sugar syrup on the side.  

Porcupine Cafe
Image credit: panasm

It would be sad if you don’t try their cakes before leaving. There is a variety of cakes to choose from, and we say go for their Coconut Cake (฿158, ~USD5). The texture is incredibly soft and creamy and is not too sweet. It also comes topped with coconut chunks. Yum!

Porcupine Cafe
Address: 48, Ari Soi 4 (North), Phaholyothin 7 Rd., Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 2 126 7894
Opening Hours: 10.30AM-12AM Wednesday – Sunday | 10.30AM – 8.30PM Monday – Tuesday
Porcupine Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

6. V’lacha Siam Dessert & Tearoom

Image credit: Chillpainai

Tea lovers, V’lacha Siam Dessert & Tearoom is the place to be. This 2-storey cafe serves over 40 types of teas!

The interior has pretty Oriental designs
Image credit: @hudaailanda

Image credit: @mospj 

They’ve also got “revamped” Thai desserts. A customer favourite is the Four-coloured Steamed Custard (฿149, ~USD5) – creamy rainbow-coloured steamed custard with a side of soft, fluffy bread for dipping. 

Image credit: @uan.glom 

If you want something more traditional, go for the Thai Dessert Set (฿290, ~USD10). This features traditional Thai desserts like egg yolk fudge balls and adorable fruit-shaped mung beans. Worth taking a photo before you dig in!

V’lacha Siam Dessert & Tearoom
Address: Ari Soi 1, Phaholyothin Rd., Bangkok
Telephone: +66 6 3087 8888
Opening Hours: 10AM – 9PM Tuesday – Sunday (Closed on Monday)
V’lacha Siam Dessert & Tearoom Facebook | Google Maps

7. Hor Hidden Cafe

Hor Hidden Cafe
Image credit: offpeak

Don’t underestimate its name – Hor Hidden Cafe is one of those cafes people might find quite hard to reach because of how hidden it is. When you’re here, you’ll notice that it is divided into a restaurant and cafe zone – just walk through the alley on the left side of the front door to get in.

Hor Hidden CafeImage credit: wongnai

They’ve got lots of drinks and desserts, making it really hard for us to decide on one. If you’re down on a rainy day, you can go for their hot drinks like Hot Marshmallow Coffee (฿100, ~USD3). 

Hor Hidden Cafe
Address: 40/2, Hor Hidden Cafe ,Soi Ari 1, Phaholyothin Rd., Bangkok
Telephone: +66 8 8974 0419
Opening Hours: 10AM-10:30PM Wednesday – Thursday, Sunday – Monday | 10AM-11:30PM Friday – Saturday (Closed on Tuesdays)
Hor Hidden Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

8. Bar Storia del Caffè

Bar Storia del Caffè
Image credit: @patsamon

Bar Storia del Caffè is a retro European-inspired cafe offers food, drinks, and dessert all under one rood. It’s tucked away in the middle of an alley with little crowd and traffic, making is a nice hidden gem in Ari to escape from the city chaos. 

Bar Storia del Caffè
Image credit: Attaphon Sukruen

Customers can drop by for Western food such as B.E.L.T. Sandwich (฿220, ~USD7) that features healthy vegetables, bacon, and a fried egg with a side of french fries. Or if you’re really hungry, go for something bigger like Poached Eggs Grilled Asparagus Parma Ham Wrap (฿280, ~USD8).

Bar Storia del Caffè
Image credit: @jeab_darin1981

Bar Storia del Caffè offers many desserts as well – an all-time favourite includes Bar Storia del Caffè Tiramisu (฿220, ~USD7) and Strawberry Mille Feuille (฿230, ~USD7). The cafe is open till 12am on Fridays and Saturdays too, so you can even pop by for supper if you are in the area!

Bar Storia del Caffè
Address: 13, Soi Ari 4 (North), Phaholyothin 7 Rd., Samsen Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 8 2581 9026
Opening Hours: 9AM-11PM Sunday – Thursday | 9AM-12AM Friday – Saturday
Bar Storia del Caffè Facebook | Google Maps

9. Flower In Hand By P.

Flower In Hand By P.
Image credit: Joly

Flower in Hand by P. is a flower cafe that’s is located at the middle of Ari Soi 2, just 15 minutes walk from BTS Ari. It houses both a cafe and a florist and is decorated with flowers, giving a sweet and relaxing aura to the place.

Flower In Hand By P.
Image credit: Wongnai

Try the cafe’s sweet Cookies which has seasonal edible flowers on top (฿30/piece) or pastries like their Mini Scones (฿35, ~USD1) and Financiers (฿40, ~USD1). All desserts are in small portions, which go well with a pot of hot tea (starting at ฿75, ~USD2).

Flower In Hand By P.
Image credit: Wongnai

Sip on some Lavender Lemonade Soda (฿80, ~USD2) for a refreshing perk-me-up

It is known amongst cafe hoppers and locals that the cafe will be extremely crowded on weekends, so another option is to come by on weekdays where you’ll definitely have seats available to sit and chill. 

Flower in Hand by P.
Address: 1/F, Royal Park Condo 3, Ari Soi 2, Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok
Telephone: +66 6 2758 2233
Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM, Daily
Flower in Hand by P. Facebook | Google Maps

Ari – the neighbourhood for cafe hoppers

Thanks to its convenient location that can be easily reached by the BTS, Ari is a great neighbourhood to visit over the weekends to hang out with friends. And for the Instagrammers who have a passion for taking beautiful shots with their cakes and coffee, be sure not to miss this spot!

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @maypatteya, @patsamon, @thebohobeet

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