Flight from the comfort of your room

With 2020 ending, we thought that things would go back to being somewhat normal – and for a while it was. People were travelling within the country and flying in an airplane wasn’t a farfetched dream, then the ‘rona came back.

Though we can’t bring flying back, this Korean company made an LED lamp that makes it look like you’re in the window seat of an airplane.

Ultra-realistic photos

One of the best ways to flex your travel plans was a picture of the sun through an airplane window. This LED lamp offers a ‘sunset’ mode that shows an airplane wing against cotton-candy skies, while the ‘sunrise’ mode uses warm golden tones and fluffy clouds.

LED LAMPSunrise mode
Image credit: @oneroom.make

Just like there are three seat classes in an airplane cabin, One Room Making offers 3 sizes of the lamp at different prices. The smallest one is 25×25 cm and costs ฿916 (~USD30), while 35×35 cm option goes for ฿1,120 (~USD37). The largest model is 45×45 cm and is priced at ฿1,632 (~USD54).

window seat from your bedroom windowSet your lamp on ‘sunrise’ mode and stage the perfect photo
Image credit: @oneroom.make

Travel without moving

While we certainly miss the rush of airplanes and the feeling of landing in a new place, these lamps offer a little piece of that. They’re also significantly cheaper than a plane ticket, and don’t require you to go through security or drive to and from the airport.

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Featured images adapted from: oneroom.make

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