Air purifying plants price rises

With PM2.5 fogging up Bangkok’s horizon, any and all air-purifying solutions are now in very high demand. Maejo University in Chiang Mai proved just that by pricing their specially bred air-purifying plants at ฿20,000 (~USD666.67) per leaf.

The money does grow on trees

According to TNN Thailand, the pricey plant is a mutated breed of Philodendron, which is popularly used as interior decoration due to its air-purifying qualities. Mr. Thanawat Rodkhaw, a Senior Agricultural Professional at the Office of Agricultural Research at Maejo University, explained that they had combined different breeds of the flora, so they now sprout leaves with intricate patterns and varying colours. The more sophisticated the pattern, the more expensive the plant.

Philodendron plant Thailand Maejo
Mr. Thanawat Rodkhaw, Senior Agricultural Professional and the Philodendron plants
Image credit: TNN Thailand

Philodendron plant Thailand Maejo
An orange-stem Philodendron
Image credit: TNN Thailand

Mr. Rodkhaw gave an example with his orange-stem Philodendron – its unique stem colour and sophisticated leaf patterns place its price point at  ฿20,000 (~USD666.67) per leaf, or over than ฿50,000 (~USD1668.34) per plant.

A more affordable option

Mr. Rodkhaw pointed out that the leaves’ patterns have nothing to do with the plant’s air-purifying abilities and suggested more affordable Philodendron plants for budgeted customers. The only caveat is that cheaper Philodendron plants will not have ornate leaf patterns and colours.

Philodendron plant Thailand Maejo
Mr. Rodkhaw and a standard Philodendron plant
Image credit: TNN Thailand

The plants are displayed at Maeho University’s greenhouse for tourists or for those interested in buying a new natural air-purifier. However, the plants are locked away at night, because let’s be honest, they’re way more expensive than air-purifiers sold in the department store.

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Featured image adapted from: TNN Thailand

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