Doggo shows his love on Mother’s day

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Image credit: Wipavee Manitpongsakul

Dog owners take good care of their pups – some see them as their best friends, while others also refer to themselves as their pet’s mom or dad. And we think dogs know that too. 

To mark the special occasion of Mother’s Day in Thailand, it is traditional for children to express their love by presenting them with jasmine garlands and gifts, and also bowing at their feet as a sign of respect. 

Facebook user Wipavee Manitpongsakul recently shared a picture of a lovely moment she had with her mom and dog, Milo, where the latter joined her in the Mother’s Day traditions.

dog on mother's day

Translation: I’m not sure what he’s thinking. Maybe he considered himself as a child too. Milo loves Mommy.
Image credit: Wipavee Manitpongsakul

Wipavee then told her story about Milo, who used to be trained as a K9 dog. However, he didn’t finish his course as his owner felt bad that he had to go through so much, and so she brought him back home. 

“Many people have asked me about Milo, so I’ll tell his story. 4 years ago, his name used to be Deng.” She starts. Wipavee also talked about how she used to see Milo during her drives, with whom she’d play with.

“One day, a child poked him and he bit back. The child’s parents wanted to kill him, but my mom didn’t agree to that. So we brought him into our home, took care of him, and changed his name to Milo.”

Dog Shows Respect To Owner

She ended her post saying that he is now a healthy, chubby dog, and is probably so clever because of his K9 training.
Image credit: Wipavee Manitpongsakul

After the post made its rounds on social media, many people tagged their friends and left comments talking about how cute Milo’s gesture was.

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Translation: Cute. He has a beautiful heart. He imagines himself as a human and one of the family members. 

milo dog translation

Translation: Very loyal and cute.

Dogs are a man’s best friend – and family

Dog Shows Respect To Owner

Image credit: Wipavee Manitpongsakul

This is another example of a beautiful relationship between human and animal. Animals know it when you love and care for them, and have hearts just like us. 

If you treat them nicely, they will be loyal and love you forever. :’) 

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