Abduction in Bangkok

News broke on 8th December about a Chinese woman who was allegedly dragged into a vehicle in Soi Phrom Chit (just off of Soi 39) in broad daylight. Thankfully, the press reported the victim, who turned out to be a Chinese businessman, is now safe and sound.

white car surveillanceThe policemen asked nearby residences for CCTV footage. D.S. Tower 2 Condo Maintenance Staff Songpon Taneenook, “the pic was so small, they couldn’t zoom in and see the license plate clearly,” as shared on Coconuts Bangkok.
Image credit: Coconuts Bangkok

When the news first broke about the kidnapping that had taken place on 4th December,  it sparked concern in and around the neighborhood, as well as on social media. Netizens, including Thai celebrities, were sharing the news across social media platforms to warn their friends and family against the dangers of kidnapping.

tweet warning of 4 kidnapping victims

Thai actor, Golf Pichaya, shares Thai Public Figure Namcha’s warning about 4 cases of women being abducted in the area
Image credit: @golfpichaya via Matichon

Victim is found safe and sound

Luckily, Coconuts Bangkok reported Chen Lei’s safety on 9th December. The police were said to have arrested 5 suspects, two of which were the victim’s employees: Suchart Bamrungpetch and Seow Tung Yin worked as contractors on one of Chen Lei’s spas. Two suspects are still at large. 

According to the Bangkok Post, the construction project took longer than expected and did not match the initial design. This resulted in a lawsuit demanding 10s of millions of Baht. Coconuts Bangkok wrote Suchart Bamrungpetch and Seow Tung Yin claimed Chen Lei cheated them ฿400,000 (~USD 14,000 USD).chen lei with policeImage credit: Coconuts Bangkok

When asked to comment on the gender switch, the police chalked it up to a “misunderstanding”.  

The story is still developing, stay tuned for updates.

Featured image adapted from: Coconuts Bangkok
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