Unique snacks at 7-11 Thailand 

Images adapted from: @shobshop_app, 7-11 Fanclub

Exploring local supermarkets and convenience stores is one of the best things to do when abroad. Chances are, you’re going to find lots of unique local food and drinks you won’t be able to see back home.

As big fans of 7-11, here are some one-of-a-kind snacks to get when in the Land of Smiles.

More things to get at 7-11 Thailand:

1. Crispy Silkworms

crispy silkworm snacks

If you’ve been around Thailand, you might have seen deep-fried locusts and scorpions at night markets. For those who were too scared to try those, start slow and try some Crispy Silkworms by Hiso Snack, which can be found in almost every 7-11 branch here.

This costs ฿25 and comes in 4 flavours: Original, Tom Yum, BBQ, and Sesame. The silkworms are backed till crispy and properly seasoned, so don’t worry about any strange tastes. 

crispy silkworms

This snack is also high in protein and calcium, so give it a shot! Don’t hesitate to bring it back for your friends to try too – it comes in a 15g pack that is easy to travel with. 

2. Sticky Rice Burgers

sticky rice ice cream

Have some authentic Thai-style fast food with a Spicy Minced Meat Sticky Rice Burger (฿24) that comes with soft sticky rice “buns” and a pork-and-chicken patty. This tastes kind of like a spicy Thai salad, so make sure you can handle your spice before trying this.

sticky rice burger

The Grilled Pork Sticky Rice Burger (฿27) is mild and peppery, perfect for those who don’t like spicy food.

If pork and chicken are too boring, opt for the Spicy Minced Salmon Sticky Rice Burger (฿35). The patty is a mix of salmon and chicken and is well-seasoned with herbs. 

3. Durian Sticky Rice

frozen durian sticky rice 7-11

The idea of bringing durian around sounds ridiculous, but you can travel with this frozen pack of Durian Sticky Rice With Coconut Milk (฿69) from CP anytime, anywhere.

durian sticky rice

Durian lovers can enjoy real durian meat that’s juicy and sweet, even though it’s frozen. The sticky rice also retains its soft texture after getting warmed up. 

4. Sweet Fish Sauce Ice Cream

sweet fish sauce ice cream
Image credit: 7-11 Fanclub

Shoppers who have been to Chatuchak Weekend Market may be familiar with green mango served with sweet fish sauce, which can be found at almost every corner. 

Try the Green Mango With Sweet Fish Sauce Ice Cream (฿25) for a cold twist on this popular street snack. The outer layer of the ice cream is green mango flavoured, and filled with a sweet fish sauce “dip”. 

fish sauce ice cream
Images adapted from 7-11 Fanclub

Don’t be put off by the sound of fish sauce though – while this is often served in savoury dishes, this ice cream has a cream sweet and sour flavour with no fishy odours hindering your dessert experience.

5. Tom Yum Cereal Balls

tom yum cereal balls

Snax focuses on healthy products, so don’t worry about the calories while munching on some Tom Yum Brown Rice Crispy Cereal Balls (฿29) that come with 150Kcal per pack. 

The cereal has a strong scent of tom yum herbs like lemongrass, lime leaves, and chillies. It’s also not too spicy, so you can eat these whether you’re 5 or 50. There are 2 other flavours to try including Black Sesame & Almond and Thai Herb & Mieng-Kum (Leaf-wrapped salad).

6. DIY Thai Crispy Pancake Set

diy pancake set
Shredded Coconut Flavour
Image credit: @shobshop_app

When in Thailand, Thai crispy pancake (Khanom Bueng) is a must-eat snack. And since carrying boxes of fresh khanom bueng to the airport doesn’t sound like the best idea, get yourself a DIY Thai Pancake Set (฿59) instead.

diy pancake set thailand
Sweet Egg Yolk, or Foi Thong
Image credit: Proxumer

This way, you’ll be able to make some khanom bueng for yourself anytime the cravings strike. The pack comes with mini pancake sheets, whipped cream, and 2 choices of toppings: salty shredded coconut and sweet shredded egg yolk. 

7. Hot meals like Tom Yum Fried Rice

tom yum fried rice
Image credit: 7-11 มีอะไรบ้าง

7-11 has a crazy good range of microwaveable food, ranging from their iconic toasties to classic Thai meals like Tom Yum Fried Rice, Crab Fried Rice and Basil Pork with Rice

7-11 basil pork rice
Basil Pork and Rice
Image credit: Wongnai

Don’t underestimate these dishes – once heated up, they taste just as good as having them freshly prepared. Everything is prepared with authentic ingredients too. We recommend getting yourself some 7-11 soft boiled eggs (also known as “onsen eggs”) to crack over your rice!

8. Cheese Ice Cream

cheese ice cream
Image credit: ปันโปร – XL

Cheese lovers should head straight for some Say Cheese Ice Cream (฿25) for dessert. It has gotten rave reviews so far, and it’s super worth the price too. 

cheese ice cream
Image credit: ปันโปร – XL

This ice cream is made of a sweet milky outer layer and a sweet-and-salty cheese filling – basically cheesecake on a stick.

But good luck finding this, as it’s quite a “rare” product not sold at many outlets.

9. Canned Brown Sugar Milk 

canned bubble tea
Image credit: Starvingtime 

We all know just how far the BBT obsession has gone, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. For a quick milk tea fix, try Sun Su’s Canned Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Milk, which can be found at all 7-11 Thailand outlets. 

The drinks cost ฿35 and come in a can. The flavours are not too sweet, which might help in feeling less guilty when chugging it down. 

10. Thai Food-inspired Lays

lays thai flavours

Image credit: Eager Buy Online, Lays Around The World

Finding special potato chip flavours abroad is like catching a rare Pokemon. When in Thailand, be sure to try Lay’s variety of Thai food-inspired snacks, including flavours such as Green Curry, Crab Curry, Shrimp Tom Yum, Sweet Basil…and the list goes on!

Things to buy at 7-11 Thailand

Personally, discovering new products at 7-11 is one of my favourite things to do, even as a local. There are tons of surprises popping up in stores all the time, which is awesome.

If you are also a 7-11 fan, don’t hesitate to give these unique snacks a try. They can even make for cool snacks to buy back home!

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