DIY Thai Pancake Set at 7-11

7-11 khanom bueng pancake set

Image adapted from @shobshop_app and Proxumer

Aside from popular dishes like mango sticky rice and mookata, there are tonnes of interesting desserts hidden in Thai cuisine that will bring your foodie journey to new levels.

You might be familiar with fluffy Western pancakes served with sweet syrup, but we’re talking about khanom bueng – a crispy Thai-style pancake that comes served with cream and sweet and salty toppings like coconut and egg yolk. 

This snack can be found everywhere in the country, like Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market or Yaowarat Road. 7-11 Thailand is now letting khanom bueng lovers enjoy the snack 24/7!

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Assemble your own crispy Thai pancake

7-11 khanom bueng coconut set

Shredded coconut set. Also, that’s Chef Mom Luang Kwantip Tewakul on the packaging – a famous Thai chef
Image credit: @shobshop_app

There are 2 sets available, which come in different toppings: sweet (shredded egg yolk) and savoury (sweet and salty shredded coconut). Both sets cost ฿59 and come with 12 crispy mini pancake sheets, sweet fluffy cream, and your topping of choice.

7-11 khanom bueng egg yolk set

Shredded egg yolk set. There’s also a cute spoon and fork inside so you don’t get your hands dirty
Image credit: Proxumer

Aside from being delicious, you’ll also get to assemble your very own pancakes. So if you want extra cream and toppings, you can pile them on to your heart’s content!

If you’ve never had khanom bueng before, don’t worry. All you need to do is lay on some of the cream on the pancake, followed by whatever toppings you’d like. The texture of the pancake is that of a crunchy cracker. I like how each ingredient is not too sweet. 

Next time you’re in 7-11, be sure to get a pack for a quick street snack fix you can enjoy with your friends.

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