2 Guer noodles in Bangkok

Just two minutes away from BTS Surasak, is Chan Road. The strip is known to be a major street-food hotspot among locals and foreign foodies, housing many famous restaurants like Kuay Jub Mr. Joe, which was recognised by Michelin in 2020.

Heading into the spotlight is 2 Guer Noodles, a restaurant that serves Tom Yum noodles with giant slabs of Chashu pork in a homey environment.

Here’s what’s on the table at 2 Guer Noodles.

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Chashu tom yum noodles only at 2 Guer Noodles

Despite 2 Guer Noodles opening just this year on Chan Road in Bangkok, the new noodle shop is already heavily packed with diners daily. Lunch hours are particularly busy. 


The eatery started from the team undergoing home cooking experiments, with one of the recipe creators being a chef working in UK hotels for several years. Wanting to create a menu that captures all kinds of patrons’ tastes, they settled on Tom Yum noodles – one of Thailand’s most famous street foods. The restaurant’s signature twist, however, are the slabs of Chashu pork.

Tom Yum noodles with crispy Chashu pork – a simple dish that anyone can enjoy.

The first dish we ordered was Deep Fried Chashu Tom Yum Noodles at ฿60 (USD2). Laying in the bowl are perfectly cooked egg noodles, pork balls and huge pieces of Chashu pork that were both crispy and juicy.

The soup was light, yet flavorful with notes of spice and natural tartness from fresh limes, with a hotness that just keeps you wanting more.

The seafood sauce was blended for a finer texture.

Their Chashu pork is also served as appetizers: visitors can choose from either Deep Fried Chashu or Pot Roasted Chashu at ฿75 (~USD2.5). We chose the latter.

From the first bite, you could taste the sweet but savory soup leaking from the meat that was boiled prior to being roasted in a traditional clay pot. It even tasted saporous – with the extra condiments ranging from Thai chili sauce, zesty seafood sauce to sweet black sauce, and goes well with the side of homemade pickles.


Last but not least, we had the restaurant’s Crab Cakes, which were only ฿100 (~USD3). The outer layer was thin but uber crispy, which only took a gentle bite to get a chunk of tasty crab meat breaking into your mouth. Dipping the patties into the side of tamarind sauce also gives the perfect balance of salty and sweet flavours.

Not only the pickles, but everything else served on the dishes here at 2 Guer Noodles – like crab cakes – are made from scratch to ensure that everything tastes just right.

Specially made Chashu pork

2 Guer Noodles shares the special process behind their famous Chashu. with the first step being to rub the bundles of rolled pork with vinegar and salt.

The pork is then bathed in a secret mix for 5 hours – to allow an even cook and ensure that flavours to run throughout the meat, holes are poked in the slabs. 


The pork rolls are then transferred into a traditional clay pot and hinged onto metal hooks, to give them an earthy finish via the rising smoke from the charcoal below for another five hours.

Once cooked, the juicy pieces of pork are then fried in a deep pan until they turn golden brown to add a layer of crunch to the tender pot-roasted pork.


The final step being to slice them into thick pieces, just before they’re served to the tables for the diners to finally dig in.

A bite that doesn’t disappoint

One thing to love about restaurants with a passion for food is their attention to detail, which guarantees that every bite doesn’t disappoint.

2 Guer Noodles’ clay oven also stands in front of the shop itself, so hop over to the eatery now for a hearty bowl of noodles while witnessing the making of Chashu pork right before your eyes.

2 Guer Noodles
Opening Hours: 11AM – 10PM, Daily
Address: 357 Thanon Chan, Thung Wat Don, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Telephone: +66-6-5-931-3168
Nearest Train Station: BTS Surasak

2 Guer Noodles website | Google Maps

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