2-faced kitten born in Lampang, Thailand

When we were young, we’ve probably heard of many myths about creatures with 2 faces or 5 heads – *cough garudas cough*. For kids who’ve grown up in Thailand, most of us knew these were just the stuff of legend and we wouldn’t have expected to see one IRL. But this 2-faced kitten born in the north of Thailand may just change that assumption.

Netizens are all abuzz about a newborn kitten who has 2 faces, originating from Lampang. Understandably, her miraculous birth has gone viral on social media, with commenters rooting for her good health. We summarise the story below and dive into why many citizens are in awe of the rare phenomenon.

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Owner surprised by 2-faced kitten born in Lampang, Thailand

Image credit: TheThaiger

On 19th July 2022, TikTok user @newleonard posted a surprising video of a rare newly born kitten with two faces. After the clip was released, many TikTok users flocked to the comments section to talk about her cuteness. They also shared their well-wishes and hoped that she would live a long life as most pets with her condition tend to pass away early, according to Khaosod.

Screenshot: @newleonard

The owner claimed that she had to feed her milk one mouth at a time and had to repeat the process all day and all night. She also expressed that she had intended to give the kitten to someone else because she lacked knowledge about raising a 2-faced cat.

However, it was at that point she realised that it would have been rare for anyone else to have raised a 2-faced cat before. That’s why the owner decided to keep her, reports thaich8.

Netizens expressed surprised and wished the kitten good health

Many TikTok users commented on the kitten after the video went viral.

Screenshot: @newleonard

Translation: May she live long.

This netizen wished her a long, fruitful life accompanied by lots of luck.

Screenshot: @newleonard

Translation: She’s so cute.

Another user complimented the kitty on her cuteness.

Screenshot: @newleonard

Translation: I’ll be watching this kitten grow.

One said that she would keep track of the kitten’s growth, presumably via the owner’s future posts.

Screenshot: @newleonard

Translation: Could be one in a million in Thailand. I wish her good health.

Finally, this TikTok user cited the odds of “one in a million” to describe the birth of this kitten. Along with most netizens, he also hoped to see her grow up healthily and happily.

Update: the kitten passed away at the age of 4 days

Screenshot: @newleonard

On 20 July 2022, TikTok user @newleonard uploaded a video and announced that the kitten passed away in four days. The video has shocked many netizens. The post also declared that the kitten was breathing slowly at 1AM on the 20th and then stopped breathing at 5AM on the day.

Netizens mourned her death and expressed condolences to the owner

Many netizens grieved over her death in the video of her passing.

Screenshot: @newleonard

Translation: Rest In Peace.

One TikTok user sadly offered condolences for her death.

Screenshot: @newleonard

Translation: Have a good life at the Rainbow Bridge.

Another guy hoped the kitten would go and live at the Rainbow Bridge.

Screenshot: @newleonard

Translation: At least, she was born to this world. I feel dismayed. She would be a legendary twin cat in Siam.

One woman expressed sadness over her quick passing and believe the kitten would be remembered.

Hope the kitten rest in peace 

When newborns are brought into the world, there’s always cause for celebration. We’re elated with the good news that this kitten was delivered safely.

Now we feel really heartbroken that the kitten passed away too early for her age. Sadly, all we can do is to wish her a peaceful rest.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): TheThaiger

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