101 Tea Green View Resort

It’s hard to imagine a resort hidden within rows upon rows of tea bushes which populate a steepled hillside. So, we were surprised to find one with Yunnan vibes in the northern part of Thailand.

Whether you are a tea lover or not, you shouldn’t miss a chance to stay at the affordable 101 Tea Green View Resort in Chiang Rai, where authentic Chinese tea will trigger your cravings for tea every day.

This writer will show you what you get from staying here, and why you will never forget this place.

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Chiang Rai tea resort with Yunnan vibes 

Chiang Rai is the realm of tea farms, where the scent of tea leaves can help rejuvenate your energy. One noteworthy spot is 101 Tea Green View Resort, where visitors can bask in Yunnan-esque vibes on a large plot of land with tea trees that are used to make their very own Gong Fu tea.

Image credit: Chillpainai

With the area’s mountainous terrain along with green farms scattered all around, you’ll quickly be able to see the resemblance to Yunnan’s famous fields.

When you arrive, you might have to curb the urge to immediately stroll through tea rows to breathe in the aroma of the leaves.

Furthermore, the sight of the long lines of tea-tree rows gracefully sloping down a hillside with the sunlight reflecting off of them will make it hard for you to turn your eyes away.

If you are roaming the fields in the evening, these laid-out string lights will start off a romantic feeling that you will be walking merrily and forget the time.
Image credit: @eka_chai

As you can see, there are paths along the tea farms where guests can ramble close to the leaves and enjoy the chilly breeze of the north.

Now, you might be curious to find out how your room will look like.

Loft rooms with raw cement texture like nowhere else

Unlike most other resorts, this resort’s rooms are built with raw cement-textured walls that give a unique urban feel.

Image credit: Chillpainai

As for the Yunnan-vibes, there’s no need to say much. It’s obvious that the architecture is influenced by Chinese styles by the way the buildings look from the outside – just look at the statues.

Image credit: @Gusomewhere

Drink a cup of tea on the balcony and stare out at the tea farms from your room in this Deluxe Double room for ฿1,500/night (~USD45.45).

Sometimes, you will get to see people in tribal costumes.

Dress up like the Karen Hill Tribe 

Chiang Rai is home to members of the Karen Hill Tribe. We can immediately spot the indigenous people in the north of Thailand by their unique apparel with patterns that look very different from what we, ourselves, wear daily.

Image credit: 101 Tea Green View

Speaking of which, some might wonder where they can buy or get this costume from, if it’s expensive, or how it would feel wearing the costume.

At this resort, you can rent traditional Northern Thai apparel and dress up like a Karen Hill Tribe member for ฿100 (~USD3) for three hours. So, this is your chance to don traditional hill tribe attire while also showing off your skills in reaping tea leaves at the farm.

For tea lovers out there, they also offer traditional Chinese tea that you should try if you want to absorb more Yunnan vibes.

Appreciate the scenery while sipping on Gong Fu tea

For your knowledge, China has its own traditional tea called ‘Gong Fu Cha’ or ‘Kung Fu Cha’. It is made with ancient methods and served in a special type of teapot; so if you haven’t tried it, better not miss this chance to have some right here in Chiang Rai.

Image credit: Chillpainai

You can choose which variation of tea leaves you’d like to try, and the staff here will show you the techniques used in brewing the tea.

Moreover, if the aromatic smell of this traditional tea pleases you, you can buy tea packages and make it yourself at home.

At this rate, you won’t have to fly to Yunnan to catch the scenery.
Image credit: @skyis_blue

After drinking tea, some choose to walk around ambitiously. Although, you can also leisurely sip aromatic traditional tea at a soundless spot and daydream about whatever you’d like.

A hidden tea farm with Yunnan-vibes isn’t beyond your reach

Image credit: @qbambell

Although the resort isn’t exactly the same as Yunnan, itself, you may sometimes wonder if you’re actually in the Chinese province due to the terraced tea rows.

No matter if you love tea or not, this 101 Tea Green View Resort will be a reminder that once you had a good time with tea.

101 Tea Green View Resort
Address: 90 M.6 Mae Salong Nok, Mae Fa Luang District, Chiang Rai 57110
Telephone: +66 9 0705 9009
101 Tea Green View website | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @qbambell, 101 Tea Green View Resort@Gusomewhere

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