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Charlie & Co

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Originating from Sydney, this Burger bar has recently opened in ION Orchard. One huge plus point for students is the set meal which comes with sea salt fries and a drink for just $10.

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Fast-food, but one notch higher
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Decided to try Charlie & Co on a whim one day when my friend and I just couldn't make up our minds as to what we wanted to have for dinner. We then passed by their outlet inside ION while en route to check out 4 Fingers' crowd and we decided to be adventurous and give it a shot. They sell burgers mainly, a wide variety infact. Feels very much like a fast-food chain with a more stylish setting. Totally loved their interior design, and did I mention about their menu? Super instagram-worthy I just had to snap away.

However my friend and I weren't starving at that time so we took the recommendation of the student deal which costs only 10 bucks, and that paid for a small burger accompanied by sea salt fries. I changed my sea salt fries to truffle fries, which was pretty decent I must say!

Aaaand it was worth every cent! Despite the fact that the burger was considered 'small', their meat patty was filling enough and we left with very satisfied stomachs and also a new place on our to-return list.

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Jian Qiang
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(Updated: March 21, 2014)
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I recently developed an ulcer, and I blame it on my high intake of fast food over the last few weeks without heeding any warning bells about how questionable this type of diet is. I simply feel that however, an ulcer is still worth the visit for authentic, mouth-watering Australian style fast food.

What I would definitely recommend there would the mighty Charlie burger, one of the signature dishes of the outlet. Costing me a whooping $17, the burger gave me a whooping headache. Why? Simply the question of how I am supposed to fit my jowls over them. Honestly, it is stacked with so much meat, eggs and veggies that it is quite high. One other food I'd definitely recommend trying would be the parmesan and truffle fries. Being a cheese fries lover, I found the portion given whooping huge, which makes the $8 bill for it more acceptable. Honestly, to have fries with premium cheese is an experience unto itself, I ended up licked the whole plastic container dry of cheese.

Overall, this franchise is definitely worth a visit, and I can honestly say worth my ulcer! Beware of the long quenes though, try to find a time (preferably late afternoon) when there is a noticeable absence of a crowd of people trying to enter.

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