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Renovaid is a Singapore Mediacorp production that targets those who could not afford any form of renovation. Aiding lives of these people, Renovaid provides them with the basic amenities which they do not own previously. Renovaid also implemented a touch of artistry that automatically spruces the entire renovated compound within each episode. Renovaid airs every Thursday at 9pm on Channel 5. It currently has a total of 3 seasons.


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Hope to see more of it
Overall Rating 

I'm going to be honest - this is the kind of variety shows Mediacorp should be producing more often. I think most of us are not interested in watching television host travel to places where we might not even go in our lifetimes. Personally, I am more interested in how the media can help others and extend it's influence in practical ways like this.

When watching such variety shows whereby a helping hand is lend to those in need, I experience a lot of feelings. Predominantly sympathy, but also helplessness and eventually relief.

I think shows like this not only provide practical help to these people, but also open the viewers' eyes and mind to the plight of the unfortunate ones, a sight we don't get to see, one that is often covered and masked with the glitz and glamour of city life.

It has really inspired me to do good for others in the community, and not only just sympathise with them. I do hope that those watching these variety shows will go beyond feeling grateful for what they have, and manifest the sense of sympathy into action.

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A Real Tear-Jerker
Overall rating 
Overall Rating 

Renovaid is a popular Channel 5 drama that showcases how this team of workers, usually led by a celebrity, visit the poorer and less well-off families in Singapore and renovate their houses in an effort to provide them with a better and more comfortable living environment.

On the good side of things, I like how Renovaid shows me that even in Singapore, there are people who do not have it as good as I do and in a sense, it really teaches me to be more thankful for what I do have. The houses that Renovaid goes to are really in quite bad states: with cockroaches, small cramped areas, dirt and grime and it is downright saddening to see that Singaporeans have to live in such places still. At the end of it all, when I see that those people are so happy with their new homes and they cry tears of joy, it makes me want to cry too because it is so heartwarming.

On the more negative side, I cannot wrap my head around the idea that this is made into a TV show that airs the volatile and more unpleasant side of people to the general public. Personally, I find it quite mean and cruel to do so even though prior permission has been granted by them. It's a delicate balance between showing Singapore the bad state that some still are stuck in, and overexploiting the pity and concern that will come in.

Nonetheless, still one of the better documentary-type shows to be released on Channel 5 yet.

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Renovaid has to be one of the more heartwarming and meaningful programmes I have watched in the past. In its 4th season now, the programme features a different family each episode. The celebrity host brings us into the houses of those people, mostly elderly or low income families and allows us a glimpse into their worlds.

Most of the time, these houses are either filled to the brim with cardboard boxes, newspapers and other things most of us will think are rubbish or completely lacking furniture such that the families sleep on the floor. Watching the programme really made me reflect on my life and how others in my own community can be living such a different one. Honestly, a lot of Singaporeans really need this wakeup call to realize how blessed they actually are!

The main reason I watch Renovaid is truly to witness for myself the pure joy and happiness on the families’ faces when they see their renovated houses, and how touched and thankful they are. It’s a really great show if you are bored of highly scripted and commercialized reality shows as Renovaid really manages to capture emotions in their purest form.

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Meaningful show
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Renovaid is a meaningful show that provide aid in the form of sponsored renovation for families who need a healthy and safe home but could not afford to do so due to limited financial capabilities. This show focuses on a different home and family each episode and there is a story that let us viewers know about the owners of the houses. It really dawned upon me that there is so much people out there who needs our help and how fortunate I really am to be safe, happy and healthy. The renovation of the houses are sponsored and it is really a meaningful and realistic way to help out the people in our society who are in need. Rather than giving cash. The renovation is a long-term benefit.

For people who are sick of variety shows and not into sobbing love dramas, do catch Renovaid for a different kind of TV programme. It can get really touching and I found myself on the verge of tears a few times but hey, this is the type of programme that is meaningful and making good use of media to spread a positive and educational message to all Singaporean citizens out there. Kudos to the team and the positive, sensitive and articulative host for bringing us such a great TV show.

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