Chung Cheng High School (Main)

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Principal Mr Pang Choon believes each of us is unique in this world and the journey in education is about self-actualization - continuously seeking your intrinsic value and destiny in life. 



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For the love of Chinese
Overall Rating 

Beyond the fond memories I forged in Chung Cheng with my friends and beyond the wonderful compound of the school with its lake and the newly built indoor sports hall, what I love the most about Chung Cheng is that it is thoroughly chinese.

I knew that Chung Cheng was a SAP school, but I did not expect myself to be immersed in so much chinese the moment I entered in 2007. We had chinese calligraphy lessons, history of ancient China lessons, the art of tea making lessons and so much more. Every month, we would even receive Chinese magazines to read and we had to write reviews on them. Little by little, I found myself falling in love with the Chinese language.

More than this, I went to Chong Qing in 2008 and Shanghai in 2009 for exchange programmes. Those experiences will never be forgotten. They have been indelibly etched into my memory forever. So much have I learnt, so much have I received. I feel eternally grateful to Chung Cheng for opening my eyes to see this amazing world through the Chinese language.

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The lake of memories~
Overall rating 
Overall Rating 

After PSLE in 2008, I was notified of my results, an average mark of 241. With that, I successfully enrolled into the school of my choice, Chung Cheng High School Main.

The school is beautiful, having its buildings furnished recently. Our lake is also one of our trademarks, as I believe no other schools has it. The lake probably holds the most memories for me. Sitting by the lake drawing the nearby trees for art lessons; having a barbecue beside the lake as a CCA gathering; and most memorable of all, having a bazaar by the lake.

I met many friends here which helped me grow in many ways as well. Despite not being a top school or having the best facilities, the teachers, students and staff here are inviting and approachable. I truly enjoyed my 4 years here.

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Best four years ever!
Overall Rating 

“Wow, is this a Chinese temple?” --- The first words that came to my mind at my first sight of my secondary school, Chung Cheng High (Main). Its unique old Chinese architecture that resembles temples coupled with an actual lake, it’s a picturesque place that I went to for four years. Not many may know, but the lake in the school is actually from a bomb dropped during the Japanese occupation. Thus, ghost stories make for interesting orientation conversation starters and I was pretty creeped out by the stories during orientation. Yet overall, the schooling experience is made perfect by the presence of caring, sometimes quirky teachers and friends together with friendly old aunties and uncles that clean the school and lastly, who can forget the disciplinary master that seems to rule the school with an iron hand?

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It has been Enriching
Overall Rating 

The majestic lake, the grand auditorium building made out of pure marble, Chung Cheng High School (main) is really an eye-opener for all who visit.
As a student of the school, I have had the privilege to have access to the many facilities that the school provides such as the lecture theatres and the newly renovated library. However one thing that does annoy me is how the school usually reserves the use of the gym to athletes only and I have heard how the equipment within are all falling apart which is quite disappointing for people like me who are not part of a sports cca but wish to access such facilities.
The school also provides a wide variety of food ranging from Japanese food to western styled set meals all below three dollars and with a side serving of fruit. I love how Chung Cheng emphasizes physical and mental well-being of it's students and morals are also strongly enforced within the school and there are very dedicated teachers present as well. Personally, I have had teachers who are willing to spend their weekends coaching me - that is something that I feel is very respectable. My experience in CCHMS has been enriching just as it has been fulfilling.All in all, I feel CCHMS will be the most ideal school for students who have just completed their PSLE and wish to seek a conducive learning Environment as well as a place whereby they will be surrounded by positive company.

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