Tai Yang Bing (Suncake)

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A (太阳饼) pinyin: tàiyáng bĭng) is a popular desser originally from Taiwan. The typical fillings consist of maltose (condensed malt sugar), and they are usually sold in special gift boxes as souvenirs for visitors. 

The shape of suncakes is round, of varied sizes. They are characterized by Flaky crusts. Most people eat them with Chinese tea, and some people dissolve them in hot water to make a porridge-like dessert.



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Christabel Yang
Top 100 Reviewer 76 reviews
(Updated: March 25, 2014)
Wonderful snack
Overall Score 

It's difficult to forget the taste of a Tai Yang Bing. Compared to other cookies such as Lao Po Bing, I find that this is incomparable.

A Tai Yang Bing is an cookie with a flaky crust and sweetened filling, and the the texture of the filling makes it extremely great for chewing. I love it and you can consume at any time of the day as a snack.

The only downside to consuming this snack is that it tends to get very messy, especially if the Tai Yang Bing you're having is extremely flaky. The crust falls off easily, and this holds true for all of the brands of Tai Yang Bing I've tried from. So be sure to have a plate on your lap if you don't want to have to clean up after!

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Jian Qiang
Top 10 Reviewer 330 reviews
(Updated: March 23, 2014)
Comfort food during duty
Overall Score 

I'm especially glad that SAF provides these wonderful bites in a free flow manner, especially for nightsnacks. Having such comfort food especially during lonely hours spent in camp on duty is indeed a morale booster, and reduces my pining for the outside world.

The way to eat the sunflower cookie is not munching but rather nibbling. I enjoy nibbling bit by bit, spreading the crumbs all around my tongue whilst letting my saliva dissolve them such that the sweetness is released in one burst. After savouring the sweetness for a while will be the time to swallow followed by the next nibble. The sesame seeds usually found on these cookies, are according to my experience, aromatic and crunchy. The bland, roasted taste accompanied together with the sweetness of the cookie serves constantly as a reminder to me that not everything will go the way you want, but lurking behind all your pain and suffering is the sweetness, the reward for your efforts.

Overall, in time, its through eating the sunflower cookie that also helped me realise how much my family has done for me, and I cherish them more after each bookout and after the lonely duty night is over. The sunflower cookie is to me, not merely a comfort food, but one rich in lessons as well.

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So Sunny it makes me happy.
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Overall Score 

So tell me about the sunny goodness of this little cookie cake. I'm not even sure how to categorise it but all I know is that it is something that is famous in Hong Kong that has somehow assimilated into our culture here in Singapore.

In the past, while it was only available through importing it from other countries, it seems that Singapore bakeries have started to try their hand at baking these delicious little treats. The best thing about these cookies are the lovely flaky outer that crumbles in my mouth. The crispy, golden skin crumbles into little bits that melt in my mouth. When I chew down on the sun biscuit (the literal direct translation of the chinese name for this cake), the sweetness of the filling usually bursts into my mouth and complements the wonderful taste of the flour.

Oh, I can even taste it in my mouth now. I just love this!

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My favorite Taiwan dessert!
Overall Score 

Not really unique to Singapore but you can find it at several confectioneries around town.

Of course, the hunt for the best Tai yang bing(Sun Cake) is still ongoing for me; it isn't easy finding a good one, but there's this store that's rather newly opened at the Star Vista selling not-too-bad Taiwan goodies: Sweet Musings.

They sell their Sun Cake for $2 a piece. A little costly but rather worth the value for the quality you're getting. Most places have theirs too flaky, too sweet or simply, just too fat (?). You know how irritating it can get to be taking your first bite and all the layers come crumbling down because it's too soft to hold together? Yep.

Sweet Musing's Sun Cake is rather thin, it has a soft exterior which doesn't fall apart easily and chewy sugar fillings.CHEWY IS THE BEST PART! :D

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