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Serangoon is located at North Eastern side of Singapore. Likewise, it's accessible via the North East MRT line. Serangoon Road may also be popularly referred to as Little India. Tamil Muslim traders used to launch their trading session right there, at Serangoon Road. Unfortunately, the true definition as to what 'Serangoon' means, remains a mystery. Some concluded that the name 'Serangoon' derived from the tiny marsh birds that dominate the what used to be swampy area. 

Apart from several religious classes, there are no schools available there. However, the area is filled with numerous shop houses that captures the essence of India. There are also modern shopping malls made available there. The malls includes Serangoon North, Mustaffa Centre and Nex. Malls like Mustaffa Centre offers a wide myriad of items and operates 24 hours.


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My living paradise
Overall Score 

Tucked between bustling Hougang and Ang Moh Kio, Serangoon also has a lot to offer. Nex shopping mall, which boasts an arcade and cinema, is perpetually crowded while the newly opened MyVillage at Serangoon Gardens has everything a resident needs - NTUC Fairprice, Coffee Bean, Udders Ice Cream etc. Adding to the list, there are also popular hipster cafes in the area, such as Rokeby and Wimbly Lu.

Serangoon is home to landed property in the Serangoon Gardens estate as well as HDB flats, therefore it is no wonder the area is one of the most densely populated areas in Singapore. I stay in Serangoon and absolutely love my neighbourhood. My neighbours are my close friends and it’s only a 10 min MRT ride from my school. In fact, Serangoon has approximately 5 schools in the area. How convenient!

Serangoon is my living paradise and home - I’m sure for many other residents as well.

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Rich boy's estate
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By simply mentioning that you live in Serangoon would lead to people automatically stereotyping you as rich, as they picture you against a backdrop of the lovely terraces in Serangoon Gardens. From experience, this stereotype is true most of the time.

But enough of stereotypes. Serangoon is extremely accessible, and you can easily hop off and onto any of the MRT lines quickly. This also meant that its renowned Chomp Chomp Food Centre is accessible from all corners of the island, much to most Singaporeans’ delight. With one of the largest suburban malls on the island, Serangoon is a good alternative to shopping at town, being home to many of the big brands available in Orchard Road anyway.

Food, shopping, accessibility… Serangoon has everything. Future husband, are you reading this from a lovely terrace house in Serangoon?

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convenient town
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I do basically much of everything at Serangoon. Being the nearest hub with everything including an MRT station, bus interchange as well as a cinema and library from Sengkang and given its central location, it is often a prime choice of meeting place for me and my friends.

Having spent the first few years of my life here before my family moved to Sengkang, my earliest memories of Serangoon was of the playground with the sandbox. I spent many a happy afternoon in the sandbox shoveling sand and trying to build sandcastles. In fact, 4 year old me told my mum and dad that we can all be one happy family living in a sandcastle I built!

Moreover, I remember the wet market where i often accompanied my mum to when she goes grocery shopping. Afterwards, we'd simply explore the maze of 2 story buildings with HDB flats above and shops below. My mum would buy me a lollipop and then bring me to the soybean shop where the chicken pies are really delicious. I've forgotten the name of the shop chain now but every now and then I'd cycle to Serangoon simply to taste its chicken pies and beancurd.

Overall, a happy place, convenient township and full of happy memories.

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Homely Familiarity
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Ever since the building of NEX, I have loved this place. While it was only a residential estate for a long period of time, the planting of NEX in the area suddenly boosted the human traffic. Now, Serangoon seems to be the place for school kids and adults alike.

Many of my friends who live in Serangoon say that with NEX around, they no longer have to go to Serangoon Gardens to chill out and hang out. With NEX, it was their new hang out place. With the movie theatre, fast food chains, and an arcade, what else can one need?

The area of Serangoon is a rather large one though. While I've only been to a small part of it, the shops that are situated in the more residential areas actually do provide good food and sometimes I even find a surprise in store for me (the Artease in Serangoon).

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