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  Siloso Beach Singapore
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ZoukOut is an annual dance music festival that has been held in Singapore every December since 2000. It is one of Asia's biggest dance music festivals, and takes place at Siloso Beach.

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Heaven for clubbers, hell for those who aren’t
Overall Experience 

I’m not a huge clubbing fan, but as soon as I moved to Singapore I knew that I’d have to give Zoukout a try. After doing so, not only did I realise that I’m old before my time and not really up to the whole staying up till 8am thing, I learnt that Zoukout didn’t live up to the high expectation that I had been told about. The event takes place across two weekends in December on Siloso Beach, and it’s a marathon getting through both nights. After the first night I went for what planned to be a short nap, but instead ended up being five hours long and resulted in me waking up at 9pm. Luckily, when the first act that I wanted to see was at 1am, this wasn’t too much of an issue.

The weekend as a whole was genuinely enjoyable, but this was probably just because I was with my friends the entire time and was dancing on a beach the entire time. Unfortunately, I found the acts to be pretty average and thought that each song literally sounded the same, which makes trying to have a good time when you’re shattered a lot, lot harder. I loved the Skrillex set, but only because I went into it being a big fan and knowing lots of his music, whereas majority of the other acts I didn’t even have a clue who they were.

I lost my shoes, I slept for a whole day when it was over, and I almost had to walk home from Sentosa. If you’re big into your clubbing scene then most likely you will love it and all the negatives are worth it, but if you’re like me and just going for the experience, either make sure you go with lots of friends, or just give it a miss.

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