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  Mustafa Centre Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207704
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A 400-seater restaurant on top of Mustafa's new wing, Kebab n Curries offers a tranquil rooftop dining experience in the midst of the hustle and bustle Little India is known for. With an impressive array of South Indian, North Indian and Chindian (a fusion of Chinese and Indian cuisine) and Pakistani dishes, Kebabs n Curries offers a pleasant escapade from the crowded aisles of Mustafa.

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Like Mustaffa, you either hate this place or love it. You could see that someone did think of a concept for the place but somehow the execution of the concept quickly became something else. The glass dome in which you could eat indoors, is testament to the concept-becoming-something-else opinion of mine. I get to have a nice view of the sky but you could see that the tint-film has started to peel making it unsightly plus I have no idea when the last cleaning was. Anyway, again like Mustaffa where people go to shop, we should focus on the food.

Generally, the quality of the food is good. I came to enjoy good Indian cuisine and I am not disappointed. The Indian kitchen is excellent. However, they also have a local kitchen serving "local favourites" which I find to be out of place.

Biryani comes in a few regional variations. The servings are generous so to taste everything would require a few visits or you could visit with a few other biryani lovers and delegate the dishes around.

I think the best place to come here would be on a clear night, the night view of the sky should be quite something. If you prefer to eat in the open air, the al-fresco area would be perfect, as long as it doesn't rain.

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