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  414 Balestier Rd S(329806)
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Originally from Lavender Food Square, Miao Sin Popiah is a popular hawker stall specialising in Popiahs and fried carrot cake. 

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Mon to Sun: 1000 - 0030
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Good, but overpriced Popiah.
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Walking around Balestier Market during lunchtime one day, I spotted a sign saying “POPIAH” and immediately gravitated towards it. Hey what can I say, popiahs tend to be a foolproof option.

I ordered 2 rolls of Popiah, each costing $2. What I liked about their popiah was how they gave lots of the deep fried flour bits, which gave it a satisfying crush. The garlic and chilli also gave it a nice spicy kick that did a beautiful waltz with the black sweet sauce.

While the popiah from Miao Sin was nice, it was not exceptional and I did not feel that it warranted a price of $2. That’s like Food Republic popiah price! Nevertheless, if you are in the market and craving popiah, it’s still a good option that will satiate you.

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