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  JTC LaunchPad @ one-north 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore 139957
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It is an upgraded urban food hall. It offers a diversity of restaurant-grade food and casual eats at affordable prices. It is enlivened by multi-dimensional entertainment experiences.

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6:00 AM - 1:00 AM


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A night of excellent crabs and live music
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Business in the day, party in the night - the best way to describe Timbre+. The gastropark in one-north curates restaurants that stay in operation till late, accompanying the young and energetic. Sadly, none of those two traits aptly describes me. I’m unable to keep up with Supersonic’s - a band that plays every Friday - electrifying performance every week.

Take this advice: go have yourself a crab spree from Dancing Crab Shack so that the band won’t call you up on stage. Embarrassment ensues when you do. Besides, that $39 dollars for a medium Sri Lankan crab, 250g prawns, and 200g clam is worth it. Most of the restaurants that open after 7 PM are pricey, by the way. If you’re looking for a satisfying dinner, make sure you’ve got at least $20 on hand.

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