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  B2-43/44 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore
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High Society is located in the heart of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, and offers an eclectic food menu that is a combination of the East and West, featuring local cuisine as well as contemporary European fusion. High Society is suitable for high tea, lunch as well as dinner, and can even serve as the venue for corporate events and private parties. 

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(Updated: January 18, 2013)
Overrated muffins, underrated cakes
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Food / Beverage 
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I recently visited High Society at Marina bay Sands and was given a table right in front of the takeaway cashier. As I watched order after order being taken out from the fridge, I can’t help but notice how quickly the cupcakes were flying off their shelves. As I was with a friend, we agreed to share a couple of cupcakes as well as a slice of cake so that we can have a variety of High Society’s best.

What struck me immediately when I tried the cupcakes wasn’t how awesome it was but how ordinary it tasted. It was reasonably nice and sweet, but I’ve eaten better ones at a number cafes and bakeries much less pricy than here.

But then I tried the cheesecake and was immediately won over. Hence here’s my verdict. The cupcakes are way overrated while the cakes are a pretty tasty surprise.

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The name itself makes me hesitant to walk in.
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Well, even if we don't walk in for their food, we can ogle and perhaps sneak one of their beautiful cupcakes sitting prettily in their glass display case isn't it?

That said, their cupcakes are not cheap either. They are meant for the "high society", remember? One look at its exterior, it just screams "atas, atas, atas" to me. It would be a great place to bring your date for a expensive, delicious meal though, if she is one to be impressed with good food with good ambience.

Named with cheesy, corny names like "Deja Vu", "Flirty", the cupcakes, in all its pretty exterior, isn't much of a big deal. I'd say go for other cheaper cakes. That said, it might be because i have not tried their extensive collection of cupcakes, so do buy if you must.

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Expensive but delicious
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High Society, as its name suggests, might only be a regular dining place for the rich, as I have only visited the place no more than three times, but I'm already feeling the pinch.

The restaurant is dimly lit, with plush velvet chairs that definitely lends the entire place an extremely classy air. Waiters and waitresses are dressed in monotone black, and the service is quick and efficient, which is exactly what one would expect from a restaurant haughtily named 'High Society'.

I would definitely recommend High Society for high tea or desserts. The restaurant boasts of an extensive variety of cupcakes, all of which are beautifully decorated and sinfully good when placed in the mouth. I quite like the macaroons that High Society has to offer as well, as there are unique flavours like maple, raspberry rose and even earl grey.

Don't expect cheap dining here though; Cupcakes are priced at $6, while drinks cost at least $9. The macaroons are also fairly expensive for their size - $2.80 for a mere macaroon; so I wouldn't quite recommend regularly dining at High Society unless your goal for the month is to spend all your savings.

Generally a lovely place with a classy atmosphere, though I'm definitely not coming here all that often.

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The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
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