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  # B1 – 18 / 19, Great World City Mall 1 Kim Seng Promenade Singapore 237994
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A popular, home-style pizza kitchen that allows customers to "Design Your Own pizza." Pizza dough is prepared as many as five times a day in high quality Italian pizza ovens. $8 delivery charge for orders under $40.

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Bryan Choo
Top 100 Reviewer 79 reviews
(Updated: March 17, 2013)
okay pizza
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Was really happy to find out that they were located at Great World City, 2 bus stops away from my home. I guess that would make delivery cheaper right? Wrong! The $8 delivery charge still remained! I also never realized they were THAT pizza shop that was just outside cold storage. For some reason the aroma or appearance of the pizzas weren't tantalizing enough for me to remember their name.

So I ordered in delivery and had to order two boxers as it made more sense than paying the delivery charge. I didn't find their pizzas remarkable. It was a bit more expensive than other pizzas and I disliked the ingredient to dough ratio too. For most of the pizza I felt like I was just eating bread! The ingredients were good but the feeling of eating bread wasn't appealing so it just wasn't my type of pizza.

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great world city
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Authentic italian pizza
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My friend and I had our first Tomato's experience at the Great World City store. The place is a order-pay-go store which means there aren't any furniture for you to sit down, order taken etc. There are a few flavors being displayed and we are surprised at the huge pizza circumference! We ordered a Quatro which means 1/4 of that pizza and had it sliced into 2 for my friend and I. The staff heated it up for us and placed it in a thick box, covered it and handed it to us with a big smile on the staff's face.

We sat down on a bench and took out our Margarita pizzas. The slices were firm and not floppy despite the ingredients on the pizza. The taste was phenomenal. Nowhere comparable to Pizza Hut. The spices and herbs used were so authentic, it felt so different eating the pizza. I enjoyed every single bite of it! Although 1/2 of a quarter pizza might sound small, I was filled by the time I finished the pizza as tea-time snack. I highly recommend you to order these pizzas for any event if you want to impress your guests. You can call to order before you pick them up at Great World City. Otherwise, they also provide delivery services!

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