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U. K. Shyam holds the Singaporean national record over the 100m with a timing of 10.37s. His 10.37s is also still standing to date as the fastest ever SEA Games silver medal timing.


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Great guy to train with
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I knew Shyam since the 1992 when I started sprinting on the school team. He was representing the Saints back then and we met at an invitational relay race.

He finished the race first ahead of the nearest one by at least 10m. At the finish line, he introduced himself to me and we got acquainted. That meeting was not the last. Years later when I was running on the NTU track team and he was representing Singapore, Shyam and I were still in touch.

I became a sort of traning partner, not that I would benefit him much but Shyam was kind enough to teach me some skills to improve my sprinting. Prior to that, I had been trying to improve without much success. He also provided me with some insights into what serious training is about and I would say that I made the improvements I was seeking.

Like most sprinters, Shyam is driven and has an ego to match. However, unlike most, he's no diva.

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