V. Sundramoorthy

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V. Sundramoorthy is widely regarded as one of Singapore's most skilful and talented footballers ever. He currently coaches the Lions XII, a team playing in the Malaysia Super League as has gained commendable exposure as a coach. 


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Before Messi, There was Sundram
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Who can say that they do not know Sundram? If you can do so, it means that one, you are not Singaporean or two, you are Singaporean but the only football you have witnessed is the S League.

Sundram in a nutshell is like Messi. What Messi could do, Sundram could do it too, with more style. As good as Fandi was, I think that Sundram was better. Fandi was pretty predictable, Sundram had more tricks than Fandi and he was utterly unpredictable.

Nobody would forget his overhead bicycle kick that won a game, or his backheel dummy that he "sold" in full flight that totally threw defenders off balance that led to the decisive pass that ended by hitting the back of the net.

That was Sundram back then, and that is how I would always remember him and he should be National Coach soon.

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