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8.30am - 5.30pm (Monday - Friday) has been in the market since 1995 and offers a suite of interactive recruitment services.


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Felt harassed and exposed
Overall Rating 
I'm currently an undergraduate who has just completed my A levels and am looking for a part-time job. So I went on these online job-seeking platforms, (I also went gumtree) and signed on for some of the job posts I was interested in.

Alas, my innocence and amateurism in job-seeking has resulted in a nasty experience. After I signed up for an account, I received numerous calls from various job agencies who are all extremely eager to clinch a deal from me. It got so bad I felt so hounded and harassed. When they told me my resume was up online and contact details were all there, I felt virtually naked and exposed.

Well well, how can I blame anyone else for my naivety? If there's anything positive about this, I think Jobstreet would be helpful for those looking for full-time stable careers, since they are fast workers in this competitive market. I'm still rather disappointed that they cannot find me any potential part-time jobs that are around 6-7 hours a day. Most have long hours and require long-term commitment.
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More professional job openings
Overall Rating 
If you are one of the any students looking for temporary jobs to make the long vacations seem more productive, Job Street is probably not the place. GumTree still has a wider variety of job roles, and have more advertisements for event jobs that are more suited for undergraduate students. However, GumTree also has lots of more unfiltered job postings that might be dubious or scams; so do be be sharp in filtering suitable job options.

JobStreet has more job openings for professional positions; thus making it more suited for those looking for long-term stable job positions with professional qualifications. JobStreet also filters out their job positions; so you can be more or less sure that the job openings on the site are reliable and professional.
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Simply useful
Overall Rating 
The digitalisation of everything is well under way, inclusive of jobs. Gone were the days were one would frantically thraw through the Straits Time's Classified Section first thing in the morning and get that call/email placed before your numerous unknown competitors made their move, not stopping even for a cup of coffee.

Nowadays, the rush for jobs is faster than ever, with efficient employer-employee matching websites such as Jobstreet. I must applaud the efficiency of Jobstreet in landing people jobs, it is the reason why I'm sitting down before my computer typing this review. It is also how friends I knew got part-time/full time jobs within a period of a week. With a compartmentalised system listing jobs into their different categories (qualifications/level of experience/part time or full time), the search for jobs is easier than ever. The site is also easy to use. But a tip, do get your resume prepared in Microsoft word form so that you can easily copy and paste into your job application forms! However easy job-hunting gets, this is the long, mundane part that always needs to be done, you won't want to retype your experiences and qualifications again and again.
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The No.1 Job website
(Updated: January 12, 2013)
Overall Rating 
In the past, one looked at the Classified section of the newspaper for a job. Today, job seekers head straight for the net and more often than not,

This website has revolutionized job hunting. No longer does one spend hours squinting at the cramped ads on a newspaper. Jobstreet offers many search filters which helps you narrow your search and home in on the jobs you want.

Applying for a job is simple too. You only need to upload your resume once. From there, you just hit the "Apply" button on a job ad and your resume is sent to the employer. It even recommends you to other similar jobs after you have applied for one.

Kudos to its founder, Mark Chang, on his innovative thinking and system.

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Efficient job seeking!
(Updated: January 10, 2013)
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This is always the to-go website for when my parents were finding jobs, I've also viewed their site quite a few times and am definitely not foreign to it. Somehow, everytime i know of someone who is wanting to find a job, i will just casually tell them to go to, it comes so naturally I'm surprised actually!

That must mean something, to be able to make such an impression on me, I'm not surprised others have the same experience! There are so many categories for one to choose from, it makes job seeking so much easier than squinting at small fonts on the newspapers. A definite better and more efficient method I must say!
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