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JobsDB is the No.1 job site in Asia Pacific and offers many job opportunities every day.


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Not very responsive
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JobsDB is one of the many recruitment agencies available in Singapore and is quite popular amongst job-seekers.

After my secondary years, I applied to JobsDB with great expectations of finding a job, but I was sorely disappointed. They did not call me nor contact me via email, and it was as if my name just fell through the cracks. Maybe it was a bad time of the year, or maybe they had no suitable jobs for students of my age– I just didn’t get any response.

However, for those looking for full-time jobs, jobsDB is still a good option for you. I do know friends who have gotten jobs via jobsDB. Also, the neat categorization of jobs on their website is quite user-friendly as well.
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Jobstreet with a better interface?
Overall Rating 
Despite its title as the number 1 job site in Asia Pacific, I always felt that JobDB has less jobs available than Jobstreet. Of course, this does not necessary have to be a bad thing. After all, you only need one job, not thousands. And sometimes, having too many options is overwhelming and one can miss the right job simply because there are too many ads.

The one thing that I like about JobDB is the customizable view. Instead of a list of ads, you can choose from viewing a list, to a list with details, to a preview mode. The preview mode is particularly helpful. You can choose a job without having to leave the page and quickly see if it is suitable.
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