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The JobsCentral Group provides jobs, education, scholarships and career information and applications in Singapore.


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First timers beware
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I can't blame JobCentral for my bad experience but this is how it went:

Being on the JobCentral site for the first time is a little overwhelming (a bit like being on Qoo10 for the first time I think) because there are so many links screaming, "look at me, I'm here!" After my A levels, the first thing on my to-do list other than to get some sleep was to find a job asap. And so google brought me to JobsCentral. But I digress.

As a young and foolish person, I wasn't aware that on JobCentral, there was such a thing as recruitment agencies (as opposed to direct employers), so I stupidly fell for the recruitment agencies' trap of promising a high pay for xxx job but given another job for a crap pay instead after going for the interview. And all the while they take a bit out of your salary as 'payment' which I find is completely unnecessary (why, shouldn't it be coming out of my employer's pocket instead of mine? Since, like, they hired the recruitment agency?) You might wonder why I accepted the job. It is because I was raring to go and didn't consider so much until much later.

I did enjoy my job, I mean the environment was alright and stuff, but my only lament was that my pay was being sucked dry. I cannot emphasize how much this has got nothing to do with JobsCentral, I'm just warning you guys fresh-out-of-A's-and-looking-for-jobs that if you want to look for a job, filter out the recruitment agencies cos the experience for me was a really unhappy one.
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Convenience in charting your career
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Looking for a job but couldn't find one? Thats exactly the problem I faced after completing my A Levels. Jobscentral is a compatible online portal that markets mainly part-time/temporary jobs. It is extremely convenient to use, just sign up for an account and scroll through the entire page of listings that Jobcentral offers. Employers looking for people to perform a task or potential employees hoping to advertise themselves to potential employers can post threads, especially in the forum. It serves as a convenient stop by point for matching people with jobs and matching employers with their workers.

Moreover, I found the scholarships portion of the portal extremely useful in that it simply requires me to fill in my resume, results and other qualifications and all I have to do is just press apply scholarships to get everything done in an instant. I did not need to refill and submit the information. Moreover, the list of scholarships is presented neatly into the various agencies and ministries that offer it, both private and public sector.
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So far I've only used Jobscentral to search for part-time jobs, but I have been very satisfied with my experience. Jobscentral not only provides a range of full-time and part-time jobs, the listings are all very current as well.

I am really impressed with the layout of the entire website as I was able to quickly and easily find jobs that suited myself. With every job listed there is a job description as well plus the basic information you need to know.

Above all these, I would recommend Jobscentral over other job search websites because Jobscentral is very professional. Compared to other job search sites I've visited, the number of times I've encountered repeated job offers (by the same company) with different wording are too numerous to count, such that I kept contacting different people from the same company.

With Jobscentral, at least I know who I am dealing with.
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