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Others J jelly July 06, 2013 800
Efficient way to source for internship!
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Sourcing for internship is a headache. Coming from a year 3 polytechnic student, it’s true, trust me. You don’t know where to start, how to contact the companies, who to contact… it just seriously stresses you out.

While scouring the Internet for companies looking for interns, I stumbled upon Internsg, and it was like finding treasure. This website has frequent updates on companies looking for interns, and it doesn’t stop there. Internsg also provides details like allowance, job scope and location – all at the click of a button! If you’re sourcing for internship, you’ll understand how awesome this is, because it really saves you the hassle of liasing with the person-in-charge, only to find that the job isn’t right for you. Thanks to Internsg, I’ve got my internship all sorted out, so two thumbs up!

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