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My de facto messaging client
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I had been party to the WWW explosion of the late 90s ever since I first signed up for a Singtel dial-up account in 1998. My initial motive was to supplement my resources available for study. I quickly learnt the huge potential for entertainment and communication as well.

I discovered chatting quite quickly. I frequented chatrooms and was an avid user of ICQ. The only thing about chat rooms was that I probably would be chatting be strangers. In ICQ, I could do the same or I could save the profiles of those I have befriended in a primitive form of a friends list but what I liked was, and still do, that I could engage in a conversation with someone I know without having to create a private room in a chat client.

Yahoo picked the concept up as did MSN and the development of Yahoo and MSN messengers developed side by side. After a while it became a matter of preference since users from one platform could chat with those on another.

Now, with Facebook on the rise and with it having taken on the concepts and features refined by Yahoo and MSN, their messaging service had entered a sharp decline. Yahoo messenger had almost disappeared and MSN had been eaten up by skype.

Whatever it is, private messaging is here to stay in one form or another though my kids would probably never know the joy that MSN or its ilk, had given to their daddy.

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