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Portals W wangkh January 20, 2013 198
It doesn’t get more Kiasu than this
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2.5 is yet another manifestation of the kiasu-ness inherent in our Singaporean culture. It is a website for parents, particularly those with children in primary school, to prepare their children for the deadly Primary School Leaving Examination. Donned with tuition advertorials, tips on getting into the top schools and ways to mentally prepare children for examinations, has amassed a whooping membership of appromixately 100,000. I mean, who wants to be left behind?

I personally do not support the website because it perpetuates the omnipresent kiasu-ness we have and places more unnecessary stress on the children. The idea of a website with over 200 posts dedicated to prepare children for the PSLE is scary, what about other aspects of their childhood?
Moreover, the website is often filled with excessive information about schools for instance, who needs to know how many toilets each primary school has?

However, I’m sure there are people who find value in the posts on It could also be said this website is a testament to our intrinsically unique culture - kiasuness.
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