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Online Shopping J jelly April 23, 2013 5518
AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Nothing arrived on time. One item never arrived.
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Overall Rating 
WILL NOT BUY from Singsale again. Every order is late, one order they did not receive the item in their warehouse, but they updated it as arrived. When the estimated delivery came and went, I asked them about it, for weeks they were shady and were not transparent with their replies, stating that they are unable to advise me of the delivery date, and refusing to tell me why.

3 weeks later, someone finally admitted that the stock never arrived at the warehouse and then without asking me, proceeded with a refund. STILL they provide zero answers.

They never say that their items are not ready stock. They take your orders, then place it with their suppliers. They accept no responsibility on your items arriving at their warehouse late, IF IT EVER DOES.

I don't remember but I also don't believe they tell you how long it takes for each item to arrive (try an average of 3 - 4 weeks to get to you.) This is supposed to include check ins on when they place the order, when the order arrives at their warehouse, and when it is dispatched to you. But there's no point in looking at any of these check ins, because it doesn't seem like they try to make it on time, or update it accurately.

I despise companies with a lack of transparency.

I have removed myself from the list and will be shutting my account down. Never again.

If I could give zero stars, I would in a heartbeat. Spend your money elsewhere more deserving than to a site that isn't transparent about their products and services.

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