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Blogshops (Online only) B bojio July 03, 2012 4914
Great material, pretty clothing
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Overall Rating 
I never ever shop online. I have this need to feel the material and try out the clothes before I decide to buy them. I do however, visit blogshops to check out the trend for whats 'in' currently. I first heard of lovebonito during a spree they had at M Hotel. My colleague asked me to accompany her to the spree and we ended up staying till the place closed.

We were greeted with several mannequins lining the walkway into dividers that was meant for a queue. Thankfully, we went during the last hour of the spree and there was no queue. There were still loads of people doing their last minute shopping to get the greatest deals though.

Slowly, we made our way through the racks of clothes and everything was going at $10. Their clothes were unique, hardly found on the market, and the material is superb. One thing though, most of their clothes are meant for tall people. Short people like me end up having to alter everything bought from them . But it's still worth the money!
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