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Groupon Sites D damien August 06, 2012 332
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Just sharing with others an unpleasant encounter with

I am totally disappointed and upset with

Firstly, It was a very unpleasant tele-conversation. The matter already beyond what a junior can handle and I requested to speak to their manger but junior said manager not around. When asked for the name of the manger, name cannot be revealed. Where on this planet a company unable to reveal their manger's name? Have promised to get their manger to call me back but never.

Why waste my time and view their deals when they cannot fulfilled their promises. Why didn't they check their stock for it quality or if any defective items before releasing the item for sale? It causes a lot of inconvenience for my family. As it was intended for my girl and she was looking forward for it arrival. Until receiving a disappointed call from DEAL that that all their mattresses have quality defective issue they cannot sell and will do a refund. Now we have to start all over and source for it again. And time again will be wasted and most important the disappointment we are having.

Secondly, junior kept asking me to write in if there is any matter I am not satisfy with. As per their request, I am wrote in to them. I have tried calling DEAL number is always engage and if it is connected nobody will answer. Is there any customer service in the first place? I don't think so.

It kept me pondering how does DEAL company run their business? Does their manger give guidance or offer any customer relationship skill to their subordinates?

I begin to have doubts and lost confident shopping on DEAL. When there is a matter whereby your subordinates cannot handle anymore, why there is no one in the company like a manger step in to resolve? Base on what I have experience, DEAL most probably just swept the matter under the carpet and move on to continue their scam.

Also, I have another order no. 2651989 which was placed on 8th DEC 2013 and it includes delivery. It suppose to be a Christmas gift but until today is already year 2014 and I still yet to receive my item. And to my surprise on my order list, it stated item is completed and redeemed!! How can DEAL do such thing whereby they did not send out the item and claimed it has been redeemed?? Sent an email to and there is no response. Is DEAL a fraud company? They cannot commit what they are selling and full of terms & conditions that only benifit to DEAL? And a refund needs to drag for 3-4 weeks?

With such horrible experiences with DEAL again and again, how would they expect me to trust DEAL again? If you were me, would you be a happy customer? Would you have faith in shopping with DEAL again? I really feel cheated..... and this is the worst online shopping experiences I ever encounter. A company which do not care for their customers and just keep upsetting and disappointing them. I did not see DEAL value their customers at all!! :(
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