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Groupon Sites D damien August 06, 2012 332
over "marketed" deals
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I think the only problem with is not the company or site itself, but rather the companies that collaborate with them. acts just like any other marketing or advertising platform, where it becomes another point of contact between the companies and consumers. I am totally satisfied with but certainly not with the companies themselves.

Most of the deals I got from are hair deals such as hair treatment, hair dye, hair rebonding etc. They are so common that you can new hair deals almost every day; some are new salons while others are frequent “deals salons”. The one thing that disappoints me about these “services” companies is the overuse of only as a site to attract consumers over so as to hard sell their other products or services with higher margins. Many a times, the services that on are deals are not the ones that you will be getting. You will probably be asked to upgrade the service because they will say that the ones on deals are of lower quality and then starts pushing you into different products and services. Of course consumers can always say no, but it just disappoints me that most of the deals item/services I bought are of low quality that I have to upgrade them every time. "You get what you pay for" is certainly true.

Of course there are still really nice and committed companies and I will probably still look around at However, checking for reviews before buying any deals is a must!
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