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Groupon Sites D damien August 06, 2012 334
A surprisingly easy deal
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Following the Groupon scandal some time back, I had always been rather skeptical of such online websites and what they had to offer.

My first experience with earlier this year, however, did somewhat change my views.

After much deliberation and reading the terms and conditions over and over, I finally decided to take a gamble to order a deal for yusheng (a Chinese New Year dish) from a top restaurant at 66% off.

The deal went through surprisingly smoothly - and of course, being the sceptic I was, I was half-worried. Little did I expect that not only were there no strings attached in the deal, I had no trouble claiming my order from the related restaurant and was given exactly what the deal had promised - yusheng, discount and all.

Pleased with my first deal, I'm now a pretty regular viewer of the website, and though I've yet to make further orders, I must say I'm impressed by the site's simple and organised layout and easy navigation processes.

Whether I will consistently get the same positive experience for other deals, only time will tell. But for now, it's a site that's earned my trust.
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