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Groupon Sites D damien August 06, 2012 306
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3.5 is another great option when it comes to bargain hunting. You’d be able to find many deals ranging from products to services. Of course, at discounted prices (up to 70%, wow!), there must be some hidden terms that many may neglect.

It is best to take caution when purchasing package deals (i.e. waxing/manicures). It could be due to the large amount of people who fell for the “promotion”, making it difficult to schedule appointments as the companies may not have enough staff to cope with the crowd. As such, expiration dates of the deals would cause customers to lose out.

I would definitely NOT purchase the travel deals (either they give you flights with bad timings or have plenty of hidden charges) — come on, you're better off with a travel agency at the very least!
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