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Groupon Sites D damien August 06, 2012 348
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At first sight, may have really awesome deals, But beware, you have to screen through all of their terms and conditions first in order to not get cheated and some of them are really long. Once I almost bought this 10 sessions of gelish manicure sessions for $22 until i saw that it expires a month later and gelish manicures can last up to a month. On the bright side, it would be unfair to say that all they offer are deals with hidden costs. However you would need the patience to sieve out the deals that are really good. offers deals ranging from hair services to products to theme park admissions and even travel deals. One thing I have to highlight, is the travel deals. Often, prices are quoted without the air ticket. It is a lesser known fact and is often overlooked, causing people who bought the deal to think they found a really good offer, but in the end paying more for the air ticket and the deal.

Not putting deal,com down, but I prefer the more established groupon. I am a loyal supporter of groupon and have had no problems with them. Except for their travelling deals. Don't ever buy travel deals online. Just go to a tour agency or something.
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