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Blogs A averlynn-lim December 30, 2012 957
Singapore’s pretty boy
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Yutakis James is relatively famous in the blogosphere and is linked to big shots such as Xiaxue and Bongqiuqiu through Nuffnang, a site which helps link bloggers to sponsors and advertorials. Yutaki James, just like his blogger counterparts, is a controversial figure. Especially physically. He regularly puts chin and nose fillers and has undergone numerous plastic surgery. Which, obviously, is not normal for a man.

However, hats off to him for successfully standing out among the crowd and being one of the few prominent male fashion bloggers. Perhaps he draws traffic and attention to his blog through his strange fashion inclination.

I’m not a huge fan though as I don’t have a penchant for pretty guys. But at the same time, I’m not a hater and respect him for his achievements. It’s not easy to bear with peoples’ disapproval and continue doing what you believe in! He’s probably even better than me at make up.
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