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Whenever I go onto, I always look out for Budget Barbie - one of my favourite shows on the site.

On Budget Barbie, Qiuqiu looks for clothes and accessories with a budget of $100 and then gives most of the items away at the end of the show. I like her taste in clothes and sometimes she gets really good deals. To further boost the popularity of the show, Qiuqiu has a very bubbly personality, making her very likeable and very enjoyable to watch.

As for Qiuqiu's blog, she usually writes about her travel adventures or does advertorials/reviews on products she gets. Her style of writing is rather cute and has a very Singaporean feel to it, as if her writing is a constant reminder of her Singaporean roots. She often blogs about interesting beauty products and does excellent reviews of them - complete with a dozen pictures of herself.

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