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Blogs I iswariya November 10, 2012 946
(Updated: January 13, 2013)
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I want to become LadyCopperChef, but i will probably get sued for copyright infringement. Ladyironchef really inspires me. He has an awesome collection of reviews of almost every restaurant in Singapore. From western cuisine to hawker fare, to dessert buffets, Brad Lau has it all covered. Just google his 'ladyironchef (name of restaurant)' and most likely his review will pop up.

Going beyond that, he even has posts on places to visit, hotels to stay in and food to eat when overseas. I became his fan because of his honesty in his reviews. If its bad, he will say its bad. He will not coat things with a layer of sugar and make things sound nicer then it should. Also, it is because we have kinda same taste in food. What he likes, usually I will like too, with few exceptions.

Visit his blog if you need to find a quiet place to chill or if you just want to experience a slightly different dining experience, not the usual dining options.

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