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Alternative Media D delilah November 03, 2012 158
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The Real Singapore has been quite a hit with the younger generation, my generation the past few weeks. Kudos to its webmaster for bringing to light that Singaporeans are not that politically apathetic after all. It promises to provide the much needed opposition voice of Singaporeans, in an attempt to question what Singapore is today.

But the question I would like to bring up is about the importance and the relevance of highly charged posts that TRS puts up online. Some tend to be rather extreme in my opinion. Sometimes I feel that TRS provokes its readers into feeling angry over small issues, that can be sorted out with a bit of calm and collected thinking.

All in all, I would advise every Singaporean to go through TRS and take in what the site has to offer with a pinch of salt, and thought before making your own judgemnents

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September 28, 2013
I agree with you...we should take news with a healthy pinch of salt, regardless of the source.
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