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Television Shows B bxbong November 29, 2012 678
Not worth its sponsors and viewership
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Overall Rating 
Call me cynical, but I think that Singapore Idol is not a congregation of talented singers but also hordes of 'entertainers'. The first segment of the show is not just about showing those who passed but also to highlight the various clown acts of some auditionees, and they seem to have overshadowed the true purpose of the show for more people watch these failed auditionees doing their failed acts compared to the actual competition.

Another major problem about this show is the unfairness in the competition. Sure I agree they need to make profits, but should the competition really float just based on votes and not with judges opinions as well? There will sure be people who get their richer kith and kin to call in, and the more talented but less wealthy may end up not making it through due to lack of rich voters, something which really puts me off.

Finally, I think that the fact that all the 3 winners are Malays has put some people off, and while I am personally ok with it, I am too beginning to question what part of this competition and show may have caused this.
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