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Once Upon a time
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The franchise of the American idol chain, Singapore too could not loose out on the craze. Initially during the first season (which I thought was the best and most popular) as the idol hype was still all about, it looked like a really good opportunity for potential performers out there to display their talents on a more public platform. Furthermore it was a great stepping stone for many amateur singers to step it up and gain some experience on an event with such a massive scale.

I enjoyed watching the first season of Singapore Idol very much. I remember pestering my parents so that I could call to support my then-idol Taufik Batisah who eventually still won the competition without my vote. I thought the way the contestants performed were really professional and it was really nice to see how the nation supported singing talents.

Though the aftermath of the competition did not ensure much continuous recognition to the stars, it was one of the better and more popular shows that hyped up singing talents.
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