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Singapore Idol reigns in the local entertainment sector! Why isn't there more?
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I was an avid fan of Taufik Batisah. In fact, I still am! It was akin to love at first sight. Love upon the first few notes he belted out for auditions like My Girl. Separated only by a mere flat screen glass that sprawled across a box we call, television. He had a vocal flavour that was like no other. It was branded with a Singaporean accent making this vocal wonder rather impressively unique. He was like the Usher. Or Ne-yo. He swooned the crowds by equipping his performance with an applaudable set of jaw dropping moves. My jaw was certainly one of those that dropped.

Singapore's music industry seemed rather lacklustre. Taufik Batisah is certainly a key ingredient that spices up the what used to be a stagnated and monotone industry. I remembered voting for him religiously too! I dialled. I prayed. Never had I been ever so dedicated in making a fellow contestant clinch the winning spot!

Unfortunately, the contestants in the next two seasons didn't seem to spur my enthusiasm as much as Taufik Batisah did. The contestants were certainly interesting what with the myriad of personalities gelling into one to form a music video each week. It is certainly entertaining to watch the unknown step into the realm of the known. I certainly do not find myself engaged in a yawning session whenever I tune in to watch the show. I find myself glued to the show naturally. This show also shrouds me with the astounding fact that there are in fact grammy potential vocalists embedded within the tiny red dot called Singapore. I am also attracted by how the swoon worthy eye candies or talented beings and me aren't separated by any form of ocean. GPRS is smaller than a thousand! It also raised the chances of bumping into them, discover the chemistry between us and even extending the family tree line.

Otherwise, Singapore Idol is definitely a far cry from the useless Sasuke Singapore which shows men of all forms conquering ( mostly not ) the same obstacles week after week. It deserves a comeback. Bring it back.

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