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Show of Shame
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I have never been fond of this TV genre that condones public humiliation. And shows like the Idol series go so far as to showcase it as a highlight of the show. Since when has entertainment degrade into watching ordinary people like ourselves suffer miserably on stage? Yet millions around the world do enjoy it. Guilty pleasures, they call it.. and I thought the phrase only refers to chocolates and ice cream. The harsh criticisms, rude taunting, barbed sarcasm, everyone laps everything up eagerly. This show is the new colosseum in our age of information, where the world relish watching people get hurt not with weapons, but words.

Of course, there is the argument that all these contestants are going into the arena willingly, so they should know what to expect. But aside from wackos like Banana Man, who is obviously only there to be a fool (of which I respect him totally for) and create laughs, there are also normal people looking to challenge themselves onstage. It's just too bad that if they happen to be bad at singing, they'll be thrust into the limelight of shame in a heartbeat.

In Singapore Idol, Dick Lee is aptly named, dispensing vital ingredients of the show like hurt and venom out to contestants regularly. I guess the harshness of the judges also serve to accentuate the impact of their praises on the rare occasion they give it to a deserving contestant. Never mind hurt feelings, this is showbiz after all.

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