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Television Shows B bxbong November 29, 2012 685
I think it should stay but it needs to reform
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Overall Rating 
Well, I think Singapore Idol is a good concept to groom local singers I've watched Singers like Taufik, Hady and Tabitha and they're actually pretty good. Honestly, I think the first season was truly the best. I remember my family was divided over the top two and we would call in to vote for our respective idols. The final night of seaosn one was really spectacular and Gurmit Singh was a very suspenseful host.

However, the structure and content of the show is highly lacking. There is not enough high-quality opportunities for the singers to grow, and I feel that many do not develop because the show does not push them enough. I feel like the director of the show formed Idol merely because he wanted to give opportunities for singers, but in actual fact, Idol should be a developmental process for the singers.

Furthermore, the prizes for Singapore Idol is not good enough to propel these singers. I can't blame Idol for this lah, considering tht our music scene is still in its infant stages, but I do think that Idol should continue, but the producers need to think about how they can make the Idol journey a fufilling one for the singers. Think not just about vocals, but about perfomative qualities and charisma etc.
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