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Television Shows B bxbong November 29, 2012 685
Laughing stock for some.
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I think the most interesting part is the first round of auditions when people try their very best to enter Singapore Idol. It's the only time where you can really look at the screen in disbelief, thinking how hilarious and ridiculous some people are. They just don't know where they stand.

And then there are some, that somehow emphasises on the fact that we should never judge a book by its cover, as proven by some of them.

I don't understand this show and I do hope that SIngapore can come up with something more original and singing-industry-worthy. People are watching Singapore Idol because it's very laughable, and plus, like what the others say, the final contestants fade away. We no longer see/hear about Taufik, Hady, Shazari anymore.

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