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Television Shows B bxbong November 29, 2012 685
Who won Singapore Idol?
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Let me ask you this: "In 3 seasons of Singapore Idol, who are the winners?" You can't remember right? Well, that in itself should tell you something about the show.

Some may remember Taufik, the winner of the first Singapore Idol. But even he has faded off the scene. I only remember him because my NS platoon sergeant competed in Season 1 and we watched it.

The show itself is quite entertaining to watch. The deluded people who thought they were superstar material were a hoot to laugh at. The "drama" between contestants was interesting although probably staged. And of course there were some truly talented singers who were a joy to listen too.

It is too bad that the music producers in Singapore do not seem to be able to capitalize on their talents. The winners were good, some even had that ever elusive X-factor. But the driving force to catapult them to international fame is sadly lacking.
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