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Television Shows A averlynn-lim December 13, 2012 231
Franchised show will never be as good as the original
(Updated: March 04, 2013)
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Overall Rating 
Sasuke Singapore has the same game of testing participants of their physical abilities, and it is a good source of inspiration for others especially when someone completes the course, and the confidence and satisfaction it can give the participants makes it a good show/game. However that being said, it is still a copy of the original Japanese Sasuke, and it can never compare.

I believe that so firstly because of the main element of the show. In Sasuke, other than the game, the commentary was mostly about introduction of competitors and their progress on the course, and while that seems boring the commentary is actually interesting because there is content related humour and interesting lines, but the Singapore version has too much unrelated to competition lines and humour inserted by Joanne Peh which i felt ruined the show's main purpose and that the game was better off conducted but not put on air.

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