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Television Shows J jerald September 30, 2012 986
Childhood drama
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It's been 9 years since I last watched this drama, and I could still remember the names of the characters from the Mo family! Wan Wan, Ling Ling, Yan Yan, Jing Jing, Rou Rou and Yang Yang.

A interesting TV show that has kept me glued to almost all their episodes.Probably one of the better dramas I have watched from Mediacorp. The other local TV shows should just step down and acknowledge how awesome Holland V is.

I guess without Wan Wan and Jing Jing, the show would not be as great to watch. I enjoy watching Wan Wan berating Jing Jing for being so muddle-headed. I've also followed closely to Wan Wan's love life and who would she choose in the final episode. Sometimes I feel sorry for Jing Jing for being such a 'sotong' at times but still, she has a heart of gold and willing to help others.

How can Mediacorp ever top this one?
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